Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 4, January 2009, Pages 1-89 (Serial number:68) 

Research Paper

Phenol Removal from Industrial Wastewater by HRP Enzyme

Pages 2-8

Iran Alemzadeh; Farnaz Mirzaei

Pre-Oxidation Effects on TOC Removal by Nanofiltration from Water

Pages 19-24

Ali Torabyan; Gholamreza Nabi Bidhendi; Aliasghar Ghadimkhani; Hossein Etemadi; Mehri Shokouhi

Comparison of Heuristic Methods Applied for Optimal Operation of Water Resources

Pages 57-66

Alireza Borhani Dariane; Seyed Mohammad Naeini Mortazavi

Technical Note

Wastewater Sludge Stabilization Using Lime A Case Study of West Ahwaz Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pages 67-71

Mehdi Farzadkia; Nematolah Jafarzadeh; Leyla Loveimi asl; Abdolhamid Ghalambor

Characterization of Barmejamal Spring Karst Aquifer Using Physico-Chemical Spring Responses

Pages 72-77

Manochehr Chitsazan; Masoud Sayyedipour; Seyed Yahya Mirzaie