Aims and Scope

Aim of Journal :
Journal of Water and Wastewater [Ab va Fazilab in Persian] is a bimonthly journal that publishes double blind peer-reviewed research focusing mainly on integrated municipal water management and water supply with special concern to water resources management at catchment areas.  While covering a wide variety of general topics and challenges involving usual municipal water and wastewater management which in itself are reflected from physical, natural and human activities in the urban residential area, the Journal has special emphasizes over issues that are reflected from suburban, river basin and catchment areas.
Scope of Journal :
The following shows some examples of the journals main fields of study:
- Rural and municipal water supply management (Conventional & Unconventional Sources)
- Municipal water demand management ( unaccounted for water,water reuse and  Water-Saving tips)
-Urban hydrology (urban runoff, urban flooding, echo hydrology etc.)
- Processes (physical, chemical and biological), technologies and strategies in water treatment and also municipal, industrial and rural wastewater treatment
- Application of mathematical modeling in water and wastewater treatment processes
- Public health issues related to water and wastewater
- Water reuse (environmental and health impacts)
- Waste sludge management (treatment, disposal and reuse)
- Water and wastewater operation and maintenance
- Sanitation and protection of aquatic ecosystems and water resources (surface and ground water)
- Urban water accidents managements, data collection, standards, regulations and strategies related to water and wastewater management
- Water governance and Sustainable water resources management and pollution control.
- The effect of climate change on urban water management.
- Passive defense in water and wastewater systems.
Although the journal is sponsored by the Water and Wastewater Consulting Engineers (WWCE), its editorial policies are independent of the WWCE. 
pISSN: 1024-5936

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All articles published by Journal Water and Wastewater are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers. The author retains copyright of their work, so all articles are made freely available to the widest audience possible.

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Peer-review policy

Journal of Water and Wastewater operates a double-blind peer-review system, where the reviewers are not aware of the names and affiliations of the authors, and the reviewer reports provided to authors are also anonymous.

Submitted manuscripts will generally be reviewed by two or more experts who will be asked to evaluate whether the manuscript is scientifically sound and coherent, whether it duplicates already published work, and whether or not the manuscript is sufficiently clear for publication. The Editors will reach a decision based on these reports and, where necessary, they will consult with members of the Editorial Board.


Citing articles in Journal of Water and Wastewater

Article Citations follows this format:

Authors., year, "Title", Journal of Water and Wastewater, vol. No. (Issue), PP.

e.g. Naderi, A. & Farzadkiya, M., 2016, "Efficiency of Worm Reactors in Reducing Sludge Volume in Activated Sludge Systems", Journal of Water and Wastewater, Vol. 27 No. 6 (106), 78-86. ( In Persian)

refers to article published in Vol.27, No.6 ( Issue: 106)


Article-processing charges

Journal of Water and Wastewater is supported by Water and Wastewater Consulting Engineers The article-processing charge (APC) that is payable upon editorial acceptance of an article is 6500000 Rls (in Iranian Currency)



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