Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 3, September and October 2006, Pages 1-95 (Serial number:59) 
System Dynamic Model in Tehran Urban Water Management

Pages 12-28

Abdolrahim Salvitabar; Mehdi Zarghami; Ahmad Abrishamchi

Transient Mixed Flow Modeling in Closed Conduits: A Case Study of Water Tunnel of Golab

Pages 52-62

Vahid Mehran; Mohammad Hadi Afshar; Seyed Jamshid Mousavi; Ahmad Malekpour

Breakthrough Curve of Escherichia Coli Released from Organic Manures as Influenced by Soil Properties

Pages 63-74

Sattar Zandsalimi; Ali Akbar Mahboubi; Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi; Manochehr Rashidian; Mozaffar Firozmanesh