Application of Mathematical Models and GIS in Flood Control Project Planning

Document Type : Technical Note


Assistant Professor of Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation Department, Imam Khomeini International University


This paper is intended to illustrate the application of the results concerning the latest researches in surface water hydraulics and hydrology for flood control project planning. In this paper, after describing flow tracing algorithms and the logics for programming in GIS environment, the transfer of GIS output to a hydrologic model and its application to a flood control project planning has been demonstrated. In this research, Behbahan flood control project has been used as the case study, HEC-GEOHMS with D8 algorithm in ArcView as flow tracing model and HEC-HMS as the hydrologic mathematical model. Case study results reveal that using a hydrologic mathematical model linked to flow tracing methods embedded in GIS can show approximate locations of outlets and gives an acceptable estimate of design flood magnitude in each node and scenario. The difference in final results before and after the application of the new methodology is noticeable.


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