Volume & Issue: Volume 33, Issue 5 - Serial Number 142, January and February 2023, Pages 1-150 
Application of Ultrafiltration, UV Radiation and Ozonation as Tertiary Treatment for Effluent of Isfahan North Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pilot Scale

Pages 34-51


Mohammad Jamalinezhad; Amirhesam Hasani; Seyd Mehdii Borghei; Mohammad Mehdi Amin; Somayeh Kheiri; Fayazeh Sarjoughian Jouzdani

Case study

Process Design and Economic Study of Seawater Desalination Based on the Reverse Osmosis: Case Study of Neka Power Plant

Pages 67-78


Seyyed Mohamad Sadati Tilebon; Saber Babaee Zadvarzi; Vahid Sadeghi; Yaser Ghafari; Amir Azizi