Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 3, September and October 2010, Pages 1-119 (Serial number:75) 

Research Paper

Performance of the UASB Pilot Scale Reactor in Treating MSW Leachate in the Hot Climate City of Ahvaz

Pages 2-8

Abbas Alizadeh Shooshtari; Mohammad Mehdi Amin; Ramin Nabizadeh Nodehi; Nematollah Jafarzadeh; Mohammad Ghasemian

Performance and Modeling of Moving Bed Biofilm Process for Nutrient Removal from Wastewater

Pages 9-19

Majid Kermani; Bijan Bina; Hossein Movahedian; Mohammad Mehdi Amin; Mahnaz Nikaeen

Producing Biosurfactants from Purified Microorganisms Obtained from Oil-contaminated Soil

Pages 20-27

Nader Mokhtarian; Amir Reza Talaie; Nematolah Jaafarzadeh; Mohammad Reza Talaie; Masoud Beheshti

Cumulative Effects of Sewage Sludge on Soil Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Pages 28-36

Hossein Shirani; Mohammadali HajAbbasi; Majid Afyouni; Hossein Dashti

Effect of Clinoptilolite Zeolite Application on Reducing Urea Leaching from Soil

Pages 51-57

Jahangir Abedi-Koupai; Sayed-Farhad Mousavi; Artmis Motamedi

Accuracy and Uncertainty Analysis of Intelligent Techniques for Predicting the Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Rivers

Pages 99-107

Abbas Akbarzadeh; Roohollah Noori; Ashkan Farokhnia; Amir Khakpour; Mohammad Salman Sabahi

Technical Note

Soil Pollution along the Surface Runoff in Southern Tehran

Pages 108-113

Gashtasb Mardani; Mehraban Sadeghi; Maryam Ahankoob