Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 2, July and August 2011, Pages 1-136 (Serial number:78) 
Health, Sanitary and Economic Evaluation of Home-like Systems of Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis, RO) in Qom City

Pages 15-21

Mohammadreza Jafaripour; Mohammad Salimi Amrod; Abbas ziaee Pour; Reza Davoudi

Investigating Iron Removal from Water by Using of Pumice Stone

Pages 39-45

Alireza Rahmani; Monireh Abbassi; Zahra Kashitarash Isfahani

Removal of Nitrite and Nitrate from Recirculation Aquaculture System Effluent (RAS) by Modified Bentonites

Pages 46-54

Zoheir Shokouh Saljoghi; Akbar Malekpour; Ghholamreza Rafiee; Ahamad Imani; Majid Bakhtiary

Using Combined Processes of Filtration and Ultraviolet Irradiation for Effluent Disinfection of Isfahan North Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pilot Scale

Pages 71-77

Mohammad Mehdi Amin; Hassan Hashemi; Afshin Ebrahimi; Bijan Bina; Hossein Movahhedian Attar; Adib Jaberi; Hossein Saffari; Zahra Mousavian

Estimation of Discharge For Free Flow Under Sluice and Radial Gates

Pages 94-101

Mohammad Hossein Golmohammadi; Mohammad Karim i Beyram

Mid-term Prediction of Meteorological Drought Using Fuzzy Inference Systems

Pages 112-125

Roohollah Ebrahimi; Banafsheh Zahraie; Mohsen Nasseri

Technical Note

Water Resource Management and Land Sustainable, the Case Study in Rafsanjan in Iran

Pages 126-131

Seyed Mostafa Mortazavi; Karim Soleimani; Fereshteh Ghafari Movafagh