Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 4, September and October 2014, Pages 1-124 (Serial number: 92) 

Research Paper

Effect of Molasses on Phenol Removal Rate Using Pilot-Scale Anaerobic Reactors

Pages 2-12

Abdollah Dargahi; Ali Almasi; Mohammad Soltanian; parisa Zarei; Amir Hossein Hashemian; Hafez Golestanifar

Evaluation of a Biofilter System for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (Case Study: Wastewater Pump Station of Khoramabad)

Pages 35-43

Masoud Taheriyoun; Moslem Salehi Ziri; Gholamreza Assadollah fardi; Hosein Fazeli Phisheh

Lead Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Date-Palm Leaf Ash in Batch System

Pages 51-58

Alimohammad Sanati; nader Bahramifar; Zahra Mehraban; Habibollah Younesi

Multi Attribute Decision Making Approach for the Selection of Urban Wastewater System

Pages 112-117

Mehrdad Mirabi; Hojjat Mianabadi; Mohammadbagher Sharifi