Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 3 - Serial Number 103, July and August 2016, Pages 1-110 (Serial Number: 103) 

Research Paper

Synthesis of Manganese Dioxide Nano-particles (MnO2) and Their Copper Removal Efficiency from Aqueous Solutions

Pages 2-11

Mehdi Hosseinifard; Hadi Ghorbani; mostafa aghazadeh; Mojtaba Hosseinifard

Effects of Electrical Current on Fungal and Bacterial Removal from Water

Pages 20-25

Seyyede Anahita Hoseini; Saba Amiri Kojuri; Seyyed Masoud Hashemi karuei

Evaluation the Phytoremediation of Oil-contaminated Soils Around Isfahan Oil Refinery

Pages 38-47

Farida Iraji-Asiabadi; Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri; Mohsen Soleymani

Using Spatial Clustering in Forecasting Groundwater Quality Parameters by ANFIS

Pages 62-74

MohammadTaghi Alami; Vahid Nourani; Farnaz Daneshvar Vousoughi