Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 2, May and June 2009, Pages 1-85 (Serial number:70) 

Research Paper

A Water Distribution Network Accident Management Model Using GIS

Pages 2-15

Masoud Tabesh; Hadi Jafari; Mahmoudreza Delavar

Performance of the Subsurface Flow Wetland in Batch Flow for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Pages 32-40

Abolfazle Rahmani sani; Nasser Mehrdadi; Ali akbar Azimi; Ali Torabian

Effects of Sludge Dry Solid Content and Residual Bulking Agents on Volatile Solids Reduction Using Eisenia foetida

Pages 48-54

Mohammad ali Abdoli; Aliakbar Azimee; Ghasemali Omrani; Iraj allah Dadi; Mohammadreza Roshani

Effects of Organic Load, pH, and EC Variations of Raw Wastewater and Weather Condition on the Efficiency of Yazd Stabilization Ponds

Pages 55-61

Seyed Alireza Mozaheb; Mahmoud Fallahzadeh; Mohammad Taghi Ghaneian; Jafar Rahmani Shamsi

Technical Note

Estimating the Water Demand Function of Pardis City

Pages 69-74

Mahmoud Sabouhi; Masoud Nobakht