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Evaluation of Nitrate Contaminaion of Drinking Water Wells in the City of Qom

Volume 28, Issue 4, October 2017, Pages 21-33


Mohammadhossein Rahimi; Nasrollah Kalantari; Zahra Aliyari; Reze Mohamadi Ahmadabadi

Comparative Study of Water Quality Indices in Shahid Rajaee Dam Reservoir (Sari, Mazandarn Province)

Volume 28, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 78-88


Hassan Nasrollahzadeh Saravi; Asiyeh Makhlough; Zahra Yaghoobzadeh; Maryam Ghiyasi

Physical and Chemical Characterization of Fat and Oil Deposits in Mashhad City Sewer Lines and the Solutions Developed

Volume 27, Issue 6, January 2017, Pages 69-77

Mahdi kamali; Majid Pirooz; Jalil Jalilian; Mohammadali Asadollahi

Pathotyping of Escherichia coli Isolated from Inlets to Tehran Water Treatment Plants

Volume 27, Issue 5, November 2016, Pages 17-24

Maryam Asghari; Abbas Akhavan Sepahi; Seyed Reza Hosseini Doost

Land Use Management by Assessing Aquifer Vulnerability in Khovayes Plain Using the DRASTIC and SINTACS Models

Volume 27, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 88-92

Fatemeh Mousavi; Masoud Yaghoubi; Manouchehr Chitsazan

River Water Quality Zoning Using Combination of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Fuzzy Clustering Analysis

Volume 25, Issue 5, November 2015, Pages 21-31

Hamidreza Safavi; Azadeh Ahmadi; Mehran Rahmatnia

Isolation, Purification and Identification of Indigenous Bacteria from PAHs Polluted Soil

Volume 25, Issue 5, November 2015, Pages 42-48

Somaye Eskandary; Mehran Hoodaji; Arezoo Tahmoorespour; Atoosa Abdollahi

Risk Assessment of Wastewater Collection Performance Using the Fuzzy Decision-making Approach

Volume 26, Issue 4, October 2015, Pages 74-87

Maedeh Asgarian; Masoud Tabesh; Abbas Rouzbahni

Heavy Metals in Salt and Water Samples from Maharloo Lake and their Comparison with Metal Concentrations in Samples from Sirjan, Lar, and Firoozabad Salt Mines

Volume 26, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 89-96

Farahnaz Sabet; Mojtaba Bandegani; Mehraban Sadeghi; Masoud Hatami Manesh; Mohsen Mirzaei; Arash Haghshenas

Optimal Site Location for Booster Stations of Chlorine Injection with non-linear Decay Rate in Water Distribution System

Volume 25, Issue 6, January 2015, Pages 77-87

Saber Saburian sarroodi; Abdollah Ardeshir; Kourosh Behzadian; fatemeh jalilsani

Removal of the Inert Organic Fraction of Municipal Wastewater Using the Integrated Activated Sludge/Trickling Filter System

Volume 25, Issue 6, January 2015, Pages 106-113

mehraban sadeghi; Saeid Fallahi zadeh; Mohsen Mirzaei

Reclamation of Phenol Contaminated Wastewater by Paenibacillus sp.

Volume 25, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 21-28

Somaye Eskandary; mehran Hoodaji; Arezoo Tahmoores pour

Zoning of Isfahan Drinking Water Distribution Network Corrosion Potential in Summer and Autumn of 2011 Using Geographic Information System (GIS)

Volume 25, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 57-66

Fatemeh Setayesh; Akram Mazrouei; Afshin Ebrahimi; Marzieh Vahid dastjerdi

Evaluation of Water Quality Parameters Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis (Case Study : Atrak River)

Volume 25, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 110-117

Hamid Abdolabadi; Mojtaba Ardestani; Hamed Hasanlou

Investigation of Pb(II) Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Nano Zero-Valent Iron Particles

Volume 25, Issue 2, May 2014, Pages 68-76

Amirhossein Ramezanpoor; Ahmad Farrokhian Firouzi; Gholamabas Sayyad; Alireza Kiyasat