Determination of Liquid and Solid PAC Purities for Use in Developing a National Standard

Document Type : Technical Note


1 BS Graduate of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad Unniveristy, Ahwaz Branch, Ahwaz

2 MSc Graduate of Physical-Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Omidiyeh Branch, Omidiyeh

3 BS Graduate of Applied Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan


In recent years, poly aluminum chloride has been replaced as an efficient coagulant for other coagulating material. Despite the diversity in the formulations of this family of coagulants, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive national standrad for the qualitative analysis and determination method for these materials. The presents study aims to investigate the standard approach adopted in China as a major supplier of these coagulants. For this purpose, literature review, scientific findings, and test-based comparisons are exploited for the assessment of these materials and for developing relevant recommendations.In the course of these investigations, the effect of pH, heating procedure, elimination of impurities, and identification of proper reagents will be described.


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