Potential Application of Reclaimed Water for Potable Reuse: Part I- Introduction to Potable Reuse

Document Type : Review


Prof., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA


As Iran moves forward with the development of a sustainable integrated water management plan, water reuse, including the potable reuse, can play an important role in the overall success and implementation of the plan. As part of this effort, the Iranian journal of water and wastewater requested papers on the subject of water reuse. In response to that request, this paper, to be published in three parts, deals specifically with the subject of water reuse and the potential application of potable reuse in Iran. The principal focus of this paper (Part I) is on the background information that is necessary to understand and assess the potential application of potable reuse in Iran.  Topics addressed in this paper include: 1) consideration for why potable water reuse in Iran, 2) background information on potable water reuse, 3) a comparative assessment of potable water reuse with alternative sources of water supplies. The information presented in this paper is needed to understand the issues and challenges presented in the subsequent papers. Technical and regulatory issues related to potable reuse are considered in Part II.  The path forward and implementation challenges, including public outreach, are addressed in Part III.


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