Numerical Comparison of Various Methods of Transient Flow Calculation in Water Conveyance Systems with Pumping Station

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc Student of Civil Engineering, Unvivesity of Maragheh, Maragheh

2 Assoc. Prof. of Civil Engineering, Unvivesity of Maragheh, Maragheh

3 Assoc. Prof. of Civil Engineering, Unvivesity of Urmia, Urmia, Iran


Under transient flow condition, the behavior of water conveyance system varies according to their characteristics. In the present study, the pressure was measured using a fast and sensitive pressure gauge in Bukan and Piranshahr water conveyance system. The pressure simulation was conducted using Bentley Hammer software. The friction head loss was calculated by different methods. The results showed that Unsteady Vitkovsky method had minimum error comparing with other methods. Wave velocity increase had direct effect on maximum pressures while velocity decrease affected minimum pressures. In a shorter water conveyance system, the reduction of wave velocity had direct effect on maximum pressure. Destruction to the long conveyance system was more probable and maximum and minimum pressures occurred during the first period. Shorter conveyance system had more pressure fluctuations and the minimum pressure did not occur in the first period. Coincidence of periods happened at the beginning and continued untill the end of data recording in the longer conveyance system. However, as time passed by, such coincidence did not occure in shorter conveyance system.


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