Investigating the Consumption Pattern of Domestic Water by Segmentation Approach for Water Consumers (Case Study: Domestic Water Consumers in Ilam City)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Former Graduate Student of Business Management, University of Ilam, Ilam, Iran

2 Assist. Prof., Dept of Management, University of Ilam, Ilam, Iran

3 Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Management, University of Ilam, Ilam, Iran


The aim of this study is to identify domestic water consumption among citizens of Ilam using a segmentation approach based on demographic variables. Water consumption pattern in this study was investigated with a cognitive-behavioral approach. The research population of this study consisted of domestic water consumers in Ilam. From this population a sample of 313 individuals selected through multistage cluster sampling to respond the research questionnaire. Data collection tool in this study was a researcher-made questionnaire. The questionnaire’s reliability was confirmed through Cronbach’s alpha test with a confirmed 0.78 coefficient. Its validity also approved by using factor analysis. In order to cluster water consumers, the two-stage clustering method was applied. The results indicated the existence of five clusters from the aspects of and demographic properties among domestic water consumers. The consumers who were placed in high-consumption clusters had lower education level. The results also indicated that unemployed individuals are usually placed in high-consumption clusters.


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