A Survey of Fluoride Dosage in Driniking Water and DMF Index in Damghan City

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Sc.

2 Faculty member. Tehran University of Medical Science


Fluoride is one of the important elements. There are so many controversial scientific points of view regarding fluoride and its presence in food chain. Water fluoridation is the best and most reliable method for the control of dental caries. In this research, the presence and concentration of fluoride in drinking water resources in the city of Damghan and DMF index (decayed, missed, filled) between 560 school students (12-15) was investigated. The mean concentration of fluoride in water supplies of Damaghan city was measured in low rain seasons 0.37 mg/l and high rain seasons 0.6 mg/l the DMF index for 12 year sold student was equal 2.00 that comparing these data with the WHO classify cation for DMF index, showed them to be considered in the second surface (low) classificatino. For conclusion, based on the mentioned data, a significant correlation may be found between the two parameters in different communities, and the most logic solution for the control of dental cavities in these communities, is the adjusment of fluoride concentration in drinking water.

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