The Effect of Population Variation on the Water Quality of Latian Dam Watershed

Document Type : Research Paper


Research Assistant of water –Energy Research Center Sharif University of Technology


The increasing expansion of resential areas and urbanization together with industrial and agricultural development in Iran have made it possible to destroy the ecological system of the natural society remarkably. The watershed of Latian Dam , as one of the sources to supply the drinking water of Tehran is of specific geographical and climatic important ,and because it is adjutant to Tehran , it has exprienced considerable change in population and residential expansion. In this research, we have tried to focus on the changes of the quality of water in the Jajrood River , by surveying the population growth of this area, in recent years. Considering the results of this research the number of tourist have also increased remarkably in the last few years and the quality of water has also been changed because of the increasing number of tourist in the region. Therefore ,without regarding the ecological ,hygienically and controlling necessities in this area , there many be dangerous conditions and consequences forced upon one of the important drinking water sources of Tehran  in the near future.

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