Survey of Chemical Quality and Fertilizer Value of Vermicomposted Municipal Wastewater Sludge

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty member of School of Pubic Health, Isfahan Univ. of Med. Sciences.

2 M.Sc.


Using of organic waste resources especially municipal wastewater sludges for improvement of agricultural soils’ fertility is increasing , but in order to decrease environmental and health risks sludge must be stabilized before using in farms. Nowadays, vermicomposting process has been considered for stabilizing organic wastes. As, there is contravercial reports about concentration of nutrients (P,.K.N), organic matters and C/N ratio in vermicomposts, this research study is performed to determine concentration of nutrients organic matters and C/N ratio in vermicomposts derived from municipal wastewater sludge The concentration of nutrients in manure and vermicompost was compared with each other.   شماره 50- سال 1383                                                                                                                        آب و فاضلاب     Eighty five percent of dewatered raw sewage sludge and %15 bulking agent were mixed to provide earhworms’ food for a one month period. Concentrations of volatile orgainic matters, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, total potassium, Ash and pH in initial substrate and vermicomposted sludge were determined by dry agitation., macrokageldal, colorimetery, flamephotometery, Gotas, modifled Burian and Erhart methods, respectively. Concentrations of organic matter, nitrogen phosphorous, potassium , pH and C/N ratio in vermicomposted sludge were %36.42 , %1.04 , %0.11 , %0.62 , 7.5 and 22.62 respectively. The obtained vermiocompost is a suitable organic amender for fertilizing  of agricultural soils.

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