Water Quality Monitoring of the Gilarlo Reservoir

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Environmental Health Engineering

2 Assoc.Prof. Tehran University of Medical Sciences


The Gilarlo reservoir is one of the most important drinking water sources of Guermy city. However, because of undesirable water quality, have odor and taste problems in drinking water. Thus, it is necessary to monitor water quality in order to determine effective factors.
Water quality assessment of the watershed showed that 56 and 0.47 tons of nitrates and phosphorus were discharged into the lake during 6 months of year respectively, and the main sources of pollutants were agricultural and domestic wastewater as well as geological factors. For water quality monitoring of the lake, 58 samples from the three vertical and longitudinal zones of the reservoir were collected. Then total and fecal coliform and dissolved oxygen, temperature, nitrites, nitrates, phosphorus, phytoplankton and zooplankton were analyzed. Studies showed that temperature stratification and eutrophycation process have occurred in the lake, and the situation has changed from meso eutrophycation during August to eutrophycation state during October, and this state was fixed during winter.

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