Calibration of Water Supply Systems Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Prof. of Civil Eng., Dept. of Eng., Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Corresponding Author) (+98 511)

2 Prof of Civil Eng., Dept. of Eng., University ofTabriz, Tabriz

3 M.Sc. of Water Eng., Dept. of Civil Eng., University of Tabriz


Leakage is one of the main problems in the water supply systems and due to the limitations in water supply and its costly process, reduction of leak in water distribution networks can be considered as one of the main goals of the water supply authorities. One of the leak detection techniques in water distribution system is the usage of the recorded node pressures at some locations to calibrate the whole system node pressures. Calibration process is accomplished by the optimization of a constrained objective function. Therefore, in addition to performing a hydraulic analysis of the network, application of an optimization technique is needed. In the current paper, a comparsion between the ant colony and genetic algorithm methodes, in calibration of the node pressures and leak detections was investigated. To examine the workability and the way of leak detection, analysis of the network with an assumed leak was carried out. The results showed that the effectiveness of the ant colony optimization in the detection of the position and magnitude of leak in a water network.


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