Qualitative and Quantitative Control of Wastewater Dual Wall Polyethylene Pipes

Document Type : Technical Note


1 MS.c. in Environmental Engineering , Head of Professional Affairs, Wastewater and Environment Dept., Toossab Consulting Engineers Co.

2 MS.c. student of Environmental Engineering at University of Tehran & Environmental Engineer, Toossab Co.


Pipes are the most important components of wastewater collection systems accounting for considerable costs in constructing such systems. In view of this and regarding the growing trend in design and execution of wastewater collection and transmission lines in recent years, various types of pipes have been introduced into the market. Selection of appropriate pipes and their qualitative and quantitative control, therefore, call for due consideration given their high cost share in collection systems. In this paper, efforts are made to consider various types of pipes used in (urban and rural) wastewater collection networks in an attempt to signal the significance of qualitative and quantitative control of different dual wall polyethylene pipes used as sewers. Finally, the relevant issues regarding the methods and conditions for technical control and inspection of polyethylene sewer lines during construction and operation stages are provided.


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