Main Subjects = water Governance
The Role of Penalties in Preventing the Unauthorized Exploitation of Groundwater Resources

Volume 30, Issue 3, July and August 2019, Pages 99-113


Farzaneh Moradi; Seyed Hosein Hashemi; Seyed Mahmood Mirkhalili; Shahrdad Darabi

A Conceptual Model for the Sustainable Governance of Integrated Management of National Water Resources with a Focus on Training and Capacity Building

Volume 28, Issue 4, September and October 2017, Pages 112-117


Alaleh Ghaemi; Maryam Larijani; Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri; Mohammadreza Sarmadi

A Decision-Making Model to Attract Private Sector Investors into BOT and BOO Water and Sanitation Projects

Volume 28, Issue 1, March and April 2017, Pages 1-17


Elnaz Abbaszadeh; Majid Parchami Jalal; Amir Hossein Raghimi

Validity of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypotheses in Water Pollution A Case Study

Volume 28, Issue 1, March and April 2017, Pages 57-64


Hediyeh Alishiri; Seyed Hossein Sajadifar; Azam Mohammadbagheri