Author = Karimie Jashnie, Ayob
Experimental Study of Effects of pH, Temperature and H2O2 on Gasoline Removal from Contaminated Water Using Granular Activated Carbon

Volume 20, Issue 4, January and February 2010, Pages 43-53

Hasti Hasheminejad; Ayoub Karimi- Jashni; Naser Taleb Beydokhty; Parviz Monajemi

Anaerobic Treatment of Landfill Leachate: A Case Study of Shiraz Landfill Leachate

Volume 20, Issue 4, January and February 2010, Pages 82-90

Saeideh Kheradmand; Ayoub Karimi Jashni; Parviz Monadjemi

Performance of Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) in Landfill Leachate Treatment

Volume 19, Issue 2, May and June 2008, Pages 10-18

Seyed Reza Mohtashami; Ayob Karimie Jashnie; Naser Taleb Bidokhti

Effects of Bed Top Layer Mixing on Slow Sand Filter Performance

Volume 18, Issue 4, November and December 2007, Pages 79-82

Bijan Bagheri; Ayoub Karimi Jashni

Impact of Three-Stage Anoxic Selector on Sludge Bulking Control

Volume 18, Issue 2, May and June 2007, Pages 35-45

Hojjat Elah Monzavi; Parviz Monadjemi; Ayoub Karimi Jashni