Author = Ansari, Hossine
Evaluating Efficient Parameters on Municipal Drinking Water Using GAMA Test Technique

Volume 25, Issue 1, April 2014, Pages 2-13

Hossein Ansary; Narges Salehnia

Evaluating Effective Factors on Household Water Consumption and Forecasting its Demand: Panel Data Approach

Volume 23, Issue 4, December 2012, Pages 78-87

Mohammad Ali Falahi; Hossein Ansari; Saiedeh Moghaddas

Urban Water Pricing Based on Per-capita Increasing Rate Tariff

Volume 22, Issue 4, January 2012, Pages 126-131

Hossein Ansari; Narges Salehnia

Evaluating Elasticity of Income and Price on Water Demand Using Pollak–Wales Method

Volume 20, Issue 1, March 2009, Pages 34-44

Narges Salehnia; Hossein Ansari; Mohammad Ali Falahi; Kamran Davari

Study of Municipal Drinking Water Tariffs and its Effect on Water Consumption Pattern, Case Study: City of Neyshabour

Volume 18, Issue 3, September 2007, Pages 50-59

Narges Salehnia; Mohammad Ali Fallahi; Hossine Ansari; Kamran Davari