Author = Malakootian, M
The Photocatalytic Removal of Ortho Chlorophenol from Aqueous Solution Using Modified Fly Ash - Titanium Dioxide

Volume 27, Issue 2, May and June 2016, Pages 14-21

Mohamad Malakootian; Alireza Mesdaghinia; Shima Rezaei

Survey of Nanofiltration Process Efficiency in Pb, Cd, Cr+6 and Cu Ions Removal from Sulfate-Containing Waters

Volume 25, Issue 5, November and December 2015, Pages 13-20

Mohammad Malakootian; Abdolali Golpayegani; Ahmad Rajabizadeh

Removal of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions Using Activated Fly Ash from Zarand Power Plant in Kerman

Volume 26, Issue 3, July and August 2015, Pages 62-71

Mohamad Malakootian; Shima Rezaei; Alireza Nasiri; Najmeh Amir Mahani

Efficiency of Acacia Tortillis Plant Pod Shell as a Low Cost and Available Adsorbent for the Removal of Phenol

Volume 26, Issue 2, May and June 2015, Pages 124-132

Hossien JafariMansoorian; AmirHossein Mahvi; Ahmad Jonidi Jafari; Mohammad Malakootian

Removal of Chromium from Industrial Wastewater Using Silicon Nanoparticle

Volume 26, Issue 1, March and April 2015, Pages 27-36

Laleh Ranandeh Kalankesh; Samira Alikhasi; fatemeh mansuri; Mohammad malakootian

Performance Evaluation of Fenton Process to Remove Chromium, COD and Turbidity from Electroplating Industry Wastewater

Volume 24, Issue 2, July and August 2013, Pages 2-10

Mohammad Malakootian; Hossein Jafari Mansourian; Spmayeh Mousavi; Mohammad Danesh pajooh

Kinetics Modeling and Isotherms for Adsorption of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution by Modified Clinoptilolit

Volume 22, Issue 4, January and February 2012, Pages 21-29

Mohammad Malakootian; Nader Yousefi; NeematAllah Jaafarzadeh Haghighifard

Efficiency of Fenton Oxidation Process in Removal of Phenol in Aqueous Solutions

Volume 22, Issue 3, September and October 2011, Pages 46-52

Mohammad Malakootian; Mehdi Asadi